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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tai & Cattelya Animation progress and MurakamiMob news

Nyo! and Happy Holidays I hope they were great fer ya all. Wanna kick things off with a preview of a couple animations for Tai and Cattleya, I'm having a lot of fun with their movesets and I'm almost ready to move on to phase 2 for both characters providing any animations don't get changed.

Cattleya standing jab
Cattleya's standing jab animation.

Tai standing jab
Tai's standing jab animation.

Tai guard crush
Tai's standing guard crush animation.

MurakamiMob v1.7 update coming soon. Taking the feedback from the 1.5 update, I've made several adjustments and ironed out a few bugs (begone cycling error) as well as added a couple new moves. I'm looking to release this update a little after the new years so be on the look out. Take care for now everyone .

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