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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cool ice?? wtf is up with THAT??

  Heyo Heyo guys n gals how's it going!? I'm back with a bit of an update, a lil bit o mugen, a lil bit o game dev so away we go.

Character Craze
 Characters are coming along, most of Evan's base attacks are done just gotta get around to working on the summoning feature.
Standing light attack.

Standing medium attack.

Standing heavy attack.


 So far so good, still pulling them together.

 I've gotten to the next set of character animations as well namely Oboro and Angie.
Angie's base walk animation

Oboro's base walk animation.

Mob Update

 Setting up for the next mob update. Version 2.5b will feature a few options left out from 2.5a as well as 3 new assist moves and more monster compatibility.

Melona seems pretty excited.

 Started another 2d Unity project. Building a 2d RPG up this time around so far so good with the character models I'm trying to make them as modular as possible.

Sample character with  a few of  the fixins on it.

Base male walking diagonal. 

Base Female walking diagonal.
 I'll have more news on this project as I move along. I'll also be starting a video log of its progress like I am with Sky neko and the 3d unnamed rpg.

So far so good on alternate body models yay.
 Well that's it for now I'll see you cool guys n gals next update, 'til then, Stay awesome.


  1. No Way!! Melona from Queens Blade as an assist striker?!! cool!! so what will she do? shoot slime form her boobs and injure people like Reptile of Mortal Kombat or some type of tickle torture that she does in the show by making 100 hands that tickle the enemy to death? So the wizard kid is gonna summon my little ponies....I'll leave it at that. Nice animations over all though. I hope you find time to fix that bug in Akemi though. take care!!

  2. WHAT?! Melona?! I'd love to see her! Just don't make her moves that difficult.. Okay? c:

  3. when will mob's update be finished?


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