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Thursday, November 18, 2010

MurakamiMob Ver 2.0 release

 Well it's finally here, Murakami Mob v2.o is ready for download. Enjoy guys n gals so far this is my favorite update yet. A few things .. the absorber animation was left out for now I wasn't satisfied with what I had so it is omitted until the next update. I've included an omake folder that has files for making custom finisher pics for a few of the ones added in this update.
 So far the Mob is compatible with Minotaur, Kuro (used Lite as a base), Slime and itself, I am looking into other characters to make it compatible with.
 I hope you all enjoy takin a break from this project for now so I can work on some other goodies I have planned =n.n= Take care for now everyone see ya in a few.

Download 1 - http://www.esnips.com/doc/e81994cc-fda6-4d4a-8975-dc9551e94f2a/MurakamiMobv2.0
Download 2 - http://www.4shared.com/file/U5Kx_CRj/MurakamiMobv20.html

PS. As for right now it would appear that the Mob is not compatible with Winmugen you'll receive an error message. Currently working to fix this.

Win Mugen version
Download 1 - http://www.esnips.com/doc/41d7f8f2-a6f9-430f-ab73-5c42b1f6b992/MurakamiMobv2.0WM
Download 2 - http://www.4shared.com/file/A9GNEsFH/MurakamiMobv20WM.html


  1. Wow =O! It's here!!! The mob`s rampage and owness is hereeee! X3;;

    Noodles! You did it <33! I would like to be the first one to congratulate you for so much hard work done! I hope you have a good time on the other goodies you are working on n.n!

    ~~ Angemille ~~

  2. Great character, Noodles! It's really cool and has deffinately made my MUGEN more interesting. xD

    Great job man!!

    I look forward to any other work you do! Keep up the great work! ^__^

  3. Sweet dude. I've been checking every two or three days for this update, glad it's finally out. I look forward to using it.

    I went ahead and posted it to MUGEN Imageboard for you.


    Thanks again!

  4. Eh... actually... it's coming up with errors:


    And if you're going to update, mind using a different file format for the omake pictures?

  5. I hope your getting your usable/testing cast form here:
    Honestly this person's ending up the only one that matters as setting modding standers. Regardless nice to see it completed at last ;3
    hope you fix this error everyone's getting thought.

  6. Great job!!

    Because it is not easy to understand because the condition adhered uselessly, the technique cannot be shown.

    I want you to be able to show the technique only by the command like Ver1.7.

    The judgment to suffer is too severe and the attack of kuromaru and minotauro is not hit.

  7. I can't see to land any super aside from the 24z and the xxyz

  8. using KB or game controller of some sort?

  9. wooohooooo!!! *fire works* finally the lord of all rape and geting rape chars!!!!!
    all hail noodles! :D

  10. It is not game controller's problem.

    * = press buttons to increase resistance meter."

    It is said that the condition above is unnecessary.

  11. Having played through it a bit more Noodles, this is very well done. I've noticed a bit of clipping and parts that are off when it's Mob vs. Mob (Using WinMugen version), but otherwise it's pretty awesome. I look forward to future updates and features. As always, you set a higher standard for those who do Mugen characters.

    Let's hope people will start working on mob-compatible characters soon enough!

    Also... for the Kuro absorb finisher that you're working on... It's probably too late to suggest this, but perhaps you could have multiple victims? As in... not just one character of the mob getting raped by kuro, but multiple, at the same time.

    It's a bit of a large suggestion, mind you... but few if any have even done such.

  12. doesn't seem to want to work for me i download it and then when i click it its just a black box that disapears i do have a RAR file opener but still nothing help?

  13. i have troubles too making any special moves or finishers (using keyboard). i've managed to do that flying grey demon once or twice but it needed alot of keypressing like 2 keys + directional movement but even that doesnt work always. maybe the moves are just too complicated to perform?

  14. Sorry for coming off as foolish, but how exactly do I get this game to run? I download this and Mugen 1.0, but I don't know where to go or what to do from there to play this game.

  15. I Have a question...If i try to hit the Murakamimob with any moves while in training mode...they just wont hit..im using the queen of fighters 2012 mugen and everything works fine except for that..i also cant fight vs it when im in vs mode or anything

  16. Cool! er... the esnips is closed!

    1. use another esnips http://ng-dev.esnips.com/

    2. this version is actually old there's a new update in the character's section.

  17. Hello. If I may ask do you now where you got the Elena in your screenshots because I can't seem to find her

    1. Was an existing version I did edits to actually never released it out of respect.


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