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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Viva Rock!!

 It's been a while and with good reason, it seems once projects start rollin it's hard to stop n take a breather. Got a lot goin on so here's part 1, on yer mark ... get Set ... GO!!!!!

 A change of sorts ...
Mob version of Oboro remade.
 Made a slight switch up to my color technique (which was much needed) and this couldn't have happened at a better time with a plethora of new characters on the horizon.

Next updates ...

Akemi 1.0 is nearly done, with the loss of a few moves and the addition of new ones I've been doing some rebalancing and tweaking to her AI (she won't kill ya as much ... just enough *chuckle*)

Les Enfants Spencer as a bonus  I'll be releasing two of the mischievous miscreants. The tazer wielding tactician Nagi is joined by the blade savvy Ringo, together they plan on making the presence of the Disciplinary committee known.

 Murakami mob 2.5's last move is being installed, another one that went through some redrawing.
so far no new victim animation has been done for this one it will be added later tho.

 a few other goodies were added to the next installment as well.
Ramses shows of the power of the Emperor Arcana.


Oboro: Zombies NEVER die

Oh how pretty ...

 With the vote over (and results  right around the corner) I've been working on a few side characters getting use to my coloring here's a snippet.
Ground work for a warrior waiting in the wings

It's in the cards

  Gonna be addin little surprises here n there to keeps things interestin.

BCNM "Full Party Needed"

 Opening up a new section titled BCNM (Burning Circle Notorious Monster) this section will be dedicated to special boss characters I've been working on for some time now who are my versions of bosses I've tusseled with in my travels in FF XI.

First pass on Ungur's colors needs more shading.

Charybdis version 1 color, will be going back into this one.
Looking for a challenge, Tier 1 is in the works there will be more on this sections as it nears completion.

P.S. Will be opening another section Titled Boss Rush which is like BCNM but will feature other non FF bosses.

 Well got a lot of crazy stuff to do so keep yer eyes peeled and take care guys n gals see yall next post keeps it chill.                          
                                                                                                                  ~ Noodles


  1. Nice to see you're still around. Looks like you've really been busy improving your art and creating new characters. I'm looking forward to playing with the updated Akemi though. take care!!


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