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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gift Wrapped

 Ok guys n galls this is it!! We're closin' year out with a BANG!!!

 Well it's been a long wait so here's a preview version of Akemi version 1.0a so much is going into this character  with various tweaks and overhauls, here's a brief breakdown of what's available in this version.

Move changes and Technical stuff
Crouching Hard punch now hits only once, still pops up airborne opponents.
Akemi Hammer 2nd hit now hits only once still gives knockdown.
Fixed Jumping light punch.
Tactical guard added, block at the right moment and build meter as well as reduced block stun.
Criticals  balanced out to  coincide with Rageful Akemi.
Wrecking ball Akemi now has armor. But does not share the same properties as Rock Crusher.
Jaw Breaker is now quicker on the initial taunt.
Heavy Jaw Breaker has been removed and replaced with Stone Temple Pilot a counter throw.
Full Throttle has been removed and replaced with the move Alexandrite.
Rageful Akemi added, increases critical rate and gives moves counter properties.

Stand animation is go
New custom Mob animations added.
Kuro compatible animations added. (Missing Tentacle move (added in next release))
Tweaks to Mino animations.

 Couple things to note: Fudged the resolution on a couple of the slime animations so I'm gonna address that when I get a chance, also this is an alpha so there's still a few kooky bugs, most of the missing splash screens I took out to redo because in all honesty they kind of looked like ass compared to what I can now so they'll make it into the beta release, and remember if you give her a chance she'll body you in a heartbeat, you've been warned n.n. All in all remember have fun and .... Oreos Tank, LOT's of OREOS!!

 And remember consult the all knowing manual, for it is power and it is love.

Hop on over to (THIS SECTION) to get her.

 I've also re-released the Stage Bath of Vice  so get it while it's Muy Atsui!!

Download 1
Download 2

 Okay!! Gonna ring in the new year right so keep your eyes peeled and I'll see ya all then  take cares and have a Hype Happenin' Harmony riddled New Year.


  1. Awwww no Nagi....so much for my new year ;_;. But to all who wanted Akami congratulations and remember to to breath and leave to the screen every now and then lol. Have a happy safe new year Noodles everyone.

  2. happy new year. looking forward to testing out the updated akemi.

  3. playtested her. she seems faster than the other one and you can't charge up her headbutt anymore.

    1. Hmmm I'll give it a look see but things still seem the same, hadn't tinkered with her speed. Once I'm in I'll check it oot thanks for the heads up.

    2. Okay so far things are runnin as intended, What version did you download and what version of Mugen are ya runnin?

  4. I've downloaded both versions but I'm using the Non Hentai one in mugen 1.0 does she work for 1.1 too?

    1. Works on 1.1 but the pallet's pretty screwy looks like 1.1 conversion's my next task, still tryin ta figure out what your problem could be, I'll run her on a couple other 1.0 builds I have n see if anything pops up.

  5. Well I did find the bug. IT's her flying tackle. The tackle is ok but when you follow it up with the strong elbow drop. she does it too fast and sometimes the downed opponent can get up before she even drops the elbow. In Team mode the elbow drop follow up makes the second ai player disappear if they are close to the 1st ai player who is getting the elbow drop.

    1. Gonna look into a fix for that, the air elbow drop does something similar to that (The fast get up) from what I've noticed it sometimes happens if the opponent was rejuggled, Looking to fix those states asap

  6. Cool!! Will you add the Queen Sheba mode in the next update? is that the sexy ghost that goes into her body in the intro?

  7. Her AI needs to stop doing Infinites, man. o.o

    1. Gonna try and fix that come next update.

    2. I hope you can. Since it makes me keep her out of Arcade.


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