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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tai animation update

I've been working hard on Tai's animations and it's on to the next phase. I wanted to share a couple of animations namely walking and running. Wonder why Tai's naked >0.o< well I've taken on a rather extreme task rather then continually draw her in different outfits from scratch I figured it'd be easier to just draw outfits over the existing frames (I just wasn't counting on there being so many HAHAHAHA *head explodes*) It's a task but a fun one that I'm more then willing to stick to. I've also begun putting together the updated Murakamimob v1.7 I'll have more news on that in my next post.

Tai's Base Running Animation.
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Tai's Base Walking Animation.
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  1. Aww, can't see the walk anim :(

  2. I had to change image hosts should be ok now.

  3. Well, Keep up the good work >,> Stuff is looking great, and sorry to hear that your previous blog was nailed by some attackers.

  4. Awesome Work!!
    You make the best Mugen Hentai Characters!!
    Good luck with all your Projeks!!


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