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Friday, February 15, 2013

Cream sha boogie BOP!

Hell in Hot Pants!!! Akemi's been through some rigorous training and she's getting closer to making her next appearance on the battlefield.

Tactical Guard

The best offense is a good defense, Tactical guard is preformed
by blocking an oncoming attack at the last moment. At that point
you don't suffer regular block push back and get a bonus to your 
super bar. You can also retaliate if you're quick enough.

Evasive Roll
 Akemi can now zip past enemy attacks  (and the enemy for that matter)
a defensive maneuver that can prove as a tide turner.

Guard Cancel
 A good way to kill oncoming enemy pressure, if you have
enough meter being overwhelmed is but a distant memory.

Rageful Akemi
If you see me crying on the battlefield, your next course of action should be to Run!
Akemi's newest Super, Tapping into her inner rage
Akemi gains a boost in strength and critical output but
suffers a significant drop in defense and loses the ability
to do supers, she does however also gains 
access to her Arcana Break move.

  Other updates

 A few changes for this next update include the loss of the move "SDM Full Throttle" It's being replaced by the move that was originally intended to be her SDM. Criticals have been adjusted for due to Rageful Akemi. Hoping to finish off the standing animation so I can add it.

And now ...
Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

Here's a new peek as just a few of the
new H animations  for the next update.
  Take care for now everyone see yoa next time =n.n=


  1. You have an ETA on release date? Just curious.

    1. =n.n= not just yet but I'm planning on a vid update soon.

  2. Can you tell us how far you have progressed with the MurakamiMob v 2.5 ? _)


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