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Friday, January 10, 2014

Talkin 'bout Regeneration

 2013 has taken a bow and 2014 is here and with a new year comes a new mindset and new goals (even if a few are old ones) It's time to get the year of the cat underway ... ALLONS~Y!!

 Addition of dimensions ...

 After the installation for some much needed computer goodies acquired this Christmas it was time to knuckle down and try something new. Having not done anything in 3D for a few years I'm rather pleased in the direction this is heading.

No more games just a whole lotta fun ...

 Began converting a lot of my old game maker projects  to GM studio thank Donna's Nobles that the transition has been smooth and the scripts I made still work \n.n/ now it's time to just "Getter DUN!!"

" Battle shmup" is underway, work is steady but it's all coming together.

 Picking back up on Project Ring Out  I've finally gotten a chance to go back and clean up the old sprites I'm sure I can take it one step further  but for now I'm gonna keep these as is.

New cleaned sprite
Original first gen sprite.
Second gen sprite Battle Damaged walking animation.
New cleaned sprite Alternate outfit.

Cards and Candy ...

 A little something I'm working on.

Unity s togetherness ...

 Something I held off from for a while but now that I've finally gotten my feet wet in the waters of 3D I've began tinkering with Unity, nothing major just taking it apart and seeing what I can do with it. Though ... if anyone messed with unity and wouldn't mind getting something goin feel free to drop a line.

It's infinite because ... IT IS ...

The mugen train is far from stopping sure there's been a hitch or two in the giddy up but what can I say ... I hate rushing things.

Preview of the new finish move.
Yes this one's been a while
but the Murakami Mob 2.5 will be out 
this year.

The Big 3

Is the name given to the top three characters from last year's vote looking to make their presence felt later in the year.

 With Summoner's crook in hand Evan rushes on his way to completion.

 Not looking to be beat, Tsubasa rushes swiftly behind.
 Making her way in a modest third Emmanuelle keeps in stem.

Bats in the Belfry
Accompanying the Bomb king will be the Black triple stars.

 phew ... this is gonna be a big year and I've this isn't even everything. Well as nice as it'd be to just talk about this n that it's time for put the soul on the hammer and get to it. See ya all soons,


  1. nice to see you're still going at it. So what's the deal with Akemi though? are you ever gonna update her or what?

    1. Still at it, her update is kind of connected to the mob's update so when the time comes once you see one expect the other.

  2. oh. well ok then. I'm guessing around the middle of the year?

  3. Just don't say next christmas ><. Nice update.

    1. Well shucks there goes my surprise *snaps fingers* /chuckle

  4. There's no rush noodles, we're all happy to see that you haven't given up on us and we appreciate this more than you know. I also believe I speak for everyone when I say we enjoy seeing you out of your comfort zone and into something else. Thanks you.

    1. screw what he said, rush rush rush!

  5. Project Ring Out? Game maker projects? Been a real fan of your work for a real long time and I've never seen anything on anything except your comic and mugen work. Have you been posting your other projects up anywhere? I'd like to take a look.

    1. Well up until now I rally haven't posted about my other projects, no worries ya haven't missed anything. I plan on posting more as stuff gets done.

    2. More power to ya mate. I'm impressed by how much you've made and along how many different paths. Catching snippets is always interesting to see. Happy new year btw.

  6. I heard somewhere that Noodles is powered by beer and porn. SOMEBODY GET THIS MAN SOME BEER AND PORN!


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