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Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Move added

Newest move addition for the upcoming update for the Murakamimob is Belly Dance.

The rhythmic movements of the Lamia can hinder the actions of even the fiercest of combatants.
Belly Dance is a quick close range attack that can cause random effects that will hinder the opponent.

A brief overview of the effects of Belly Dance
Lethargic Sway: Victims caught by the subtle movements of the Lamia are lulled to sleep being left open to a lethal attack.

Entrancing Sway: The wild motions of the Lamia are often too hard to keep up with, those foolish to try are left Dizzy and disoriented.

Elegant Sway: It is easy to lose ones self in the bliss of dance, those poor unfortunate once fierce in their attack are now as harmless as a newborn cub.

Lustful Sway: The wild erotic movements of the Lamia's swaying hips is meant as a mating dance to push her victims to the brink of ecstasy.

So far things are coming along nicely, there are still two more moves to be added before release so I'll keep you updated. Take care for now >n.n< ~Noodles

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