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Friday, February 1, 2013

Then, Now and Beyond the Bounds

 AHOOOOOY!! Heyo everyone how's it goin' !? been reeeeeeeeeally busy busy (humongo update comin) Just takin a break to stretch me fingers and take a step back to take a good look at things.
 Picjed up some Premo sculpy clay the other day, figured I'd get a lil un-digital for a bit and work on some Chibi figurines.
Mock up of Akemi putting her foot down.

As Oboro uses the forbidden Infernal sexy jutsu.

 Been a while since I worked in clay I gotta say I'm rather excited about this, I'll be adding photo progress of this as it comes together.

 Bridge in time

 Finally getting around to working on/updating some of my older characters (eons old) in this new style looks like I came full circle (and more).
                                                        The Queen Mum
Cheshire was my first and it'd be a shame ... no ... damnable if I didn't
give her a proper resurrection.

                                                    Flame Fisted Super Heroine
Daphnie Danger Sports a new outfit this time around.

                                                           The Image of Hero
Hop, an unsung (and unreleased) hero is also
looking to make his presence known.

                                  "The funny thing about Heroes, Just when you think our story's
                                  done and we've taken our bows, ya turn the page and find out,
                                  our story's JUST begun."

 Comming up ...
 Working on various tweeks  but Akemi and Nagi are nearing testing phase so T'm hopin' to have things ironed out in these next few weeks. See ya next update folks n take cares.

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