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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Here comes a NEW Challenger!!! (The Return)

 Hey Hey everyone!! Noodles here with a preview of the next character, now I know what yer thinkin "Hey ya crazy cat!! There's a gazillion (14) characters on this page you gonna do all these at once??" Where that would be awesome I just don't have that many tentacl...er ... arms =n.n= so this is where you all come in.

Between this post and my post [HERE!!] I'll be taking votes on who's up next. So let's get a gander at our hopefuls of round 1 shall we?

 Ran into a slight problem, it seems that blogger's poll system was glitchy to the point of eating up vote results, I also ran into ANOTHER problem with vote jacking  with the first installment the second poll, HOPEFULLY things are fixed now with this new installment, keepin my paws crossed and hoppin back to Akemi, take cares for nows.

Big Trouble in Little Gekkoukan
Co-founder of the Gekkoukan High's Justice
Committee, Angimille "Angie" has a unique gift.
She wields the mysterious Holy Light, a power 
that up until now has never been used by humans.

Investigating a disturbance in the balance
of nature This Agni Dancer leaves her home
seeking to quell the cries of nature. Her travels
brought her to a school, where she met an
individual who helped her realize she
not the only one on a quest to
heal the world.

A mischievous kunoichi that showed up at
the school recently, watching the Justice
Committee from the shadows. What could
her intentions be?

The Mistress of malevolence lives again,
reanimated by a sinister force. Acting as the 
School's Principal, she sets a plan in motion
in an attempt to capture a very special student.
The bully of St. Juno school for girls, Tsubasa
is constantly seeking a new challenge, or a new 
punching bag for that matter. She has a special gift
called Adaptive Muscle Memory, she can analyze
and perform most fighting styles at a glance. A
challenge was issued to her by the head of the
Justice Committee, she accepts the challenge
and heads to Gekkoukan High school
.for a showdown.

An up and coming wrestler and Tsubasa's
sworn rival. When Tsubasa left for Gekkoukan
she wasted no time in "persuading" the other
students to stand by her and give her rival
a "warm welcome" when she returns.

The titanic might of 10 Thunderous Volcanoes,
Kahekili was one of the greatest pro wrestlers there was
until he vanished mysteriously one day before a 
championship match. Rumors have begun to
spread recently around the more "sinister" underground
fighting circuits, witnesses say they have sighted
someone resembling the missing wrestler sans
his tattoos and managed by two beautiful ladies.
What's the mystery surrounding the missing wrestler.
                                                          Nurse Rabbit-O
 The medical unit of an intergalactic
bounty hunting group called Rabbit-O 5, Unit R-O1
"The Nurse" was the first to awaken from stasis
after her team's ship as shot through a 
wormhole in pursuit of a dangerous outlaw.
Fearing for those who inhabit the blue planet below
she decides it's up to her to stop him, so she aquires
the abilities of the other members and heads down to the planet.
Using the guise of a nurse she goes undercover
at a school where she starts her investigation.

It's not known how Irene ended up at the school,
it's even MORE puzzling as to how she ended up
on the medical staff. Tho quirky and unpredictable
                                         Irene's shown to show a general care for Rabbit-O.

Heroes of The Crystal
Evan Hamiel is the son of High Summoner 
Rolland Hamiel one of the great heroes of the great
war. Seeking to be like his father, Evan took up the
mantle of summoner. On the day of his final trial
his book "Gateway to Celestia" the key tome  to 
communicating with the avatars of the crystal 
 was stolen, replaced by an old children's book
"Gateway to Equestria." It wasn't until Evan compleated
the chant that he realized the book 
was not the one intended for the ritual instead of opening 
a gateway to the avatars of the crystal, he discovered 
a mythical world forgotten in time.

Emissary of the great northland of Xarcabard, Alux
was sent to the Arrapago Reef region by her master 
Count Halphas to seek the aid from Medusa and the
Undead horde in hopes of strengthening the beastmen
army.  While poking her nose where it shouldn't have been 
Alux uncovered an assassination plot within the ranks 
of the Horde. Now on the run with her life on the line Alux 
must make a decision, return to her master having not
gotten aid from the Undead Horde or traverse deep into
the lair of the Lamia with a blood thirsty assassin 
chasing her from the shadows.

                                                                 Lamia # 69
Lamia #69 is the newest addition to the ranks
of the Undead Horde. She was created to replace their top
hunter Lamia #7, who is currently on trial for violating
the Lamian code. Slightly unstable due to rigorous training 
at the hands of Merro #17, Lamia #69 knows little of restraint,
friend, foe just her master, Merro #17's face. Intended
as an instrument to aid a coupe, this psychotic assassin
has plans of her own.

                                                               Merro # 17
Many who travel the reef and the surrounding Caedarva Mire
often find themselves looking over their shoulders. Many dangers lie 
hidden in the myst but none match the cruelty of one of the top
Generals of the Undead Horde. Merro #17 is Medusa's right hand,
both interrogator and assassin Merro #17 carries out her
tasks with deadly precision. Tho devoted to Medusa, Merro
seeks higher ascension, wanting to rule the horde herself
so she devises a plot to use her student Lamia #69 
to assassinate Medusa and take rule herself, this 
plan was found out accidentally by Alux now to save her
own neck she seeks to silence the messenger from Xarcabard. 


                                                      Special Guest character
                                                             Big Macintosh

 ... The Name Ya Know!

And just in case yer worryin don't freat too much, I'll be redoing Akemi in this newer style in due time. So take care for now everyone see ya soon =n.n=




  1. Hey Noodles, you never answered if all of these characters will eventually be compatible with kuromaru and minotaur. I was just curious.

    1. For the majority I'm gonna say yes.

    2. and Evan? (Thanks for replying.)

  2. Right now, TBH, I'm just waitin on Akemi, Nagi, and the mob :P Everything can be sorted out in due time, though it is nice to have something new to look forward to.

  3. o.o You should do Foxxi next... she's hot lol.

    1. *SHHHHhhh* Spoilers man SPOILERS!! =n.n=

  4. Evan's votes sure look legit...

    1. Legit as a high dollar hooker!

    2. So long as no one goes up by 90 in the span of a minute from the same ip I'll happy n.n

    3. In theory, all somebody would have to do to cheat the vote is vote from your phone, put it on airplane mode, reconnect, vote, rinse, repeat.

    4. having to log in to vote is the better option.

    5. It looks way more legit than 200+ votes like last time.

    6. Last voting time Tsubasa had 200ish votes.

      In theory you could cheat any system. Doesn't mean this was cheated. I did see this linked on a japanese yaoi blog, so it would explain the votes for Evan.

      Either way, at least if there is some form of cheating, it isn't rampant and out of control like last time, and the voters for Evan if they were cheating, weren't cheating as much as the other options. (Hell i wouldn't be surprised if the guy who was amassing 200 votes for tsubasa last time is the guy complaining about legit votes now.)

    7. If people were cheating then Tsubasa and Shion votes would be out of control again.

    8. I think they're just doing enough to keep Evan ahead, tbh. The vote count only moves when somebody votes for something else.

    9. Nah, it went up to where it is in about a day and is slowly rolling in a vote or two a day.

      Just because something is ahead doesn't mean it's cheating, and just because something gets a vote a day doesn't mean it's cheating either.

      This new vote system seems to be tracking IP's and cache/cookies. Polldaddy also blocks proxies i believe also.

    10. It jumped up 10 votes for Evan in about 4-5 hours, when Tsubasa was in the lead. Definitely cheating going on.

    11. Nah, scroll down.

      Some guys spent some time linking this blog around on mugen yaoi sites.

      Obviously the votes are going to go up after that.

      But watch Tsubasa's votes closely. They'll spike again. The cheater is just gonna do it again.

    12. what a load of crap. That's like paying for votes in an election, only without the money.

    13. There, if people are allowed to tell people who to vote for, I just went and did the same thing. Went to a few h-game sites I frequent, gave them all the information they need to get started on mugen, and directed them here with the suggestion they vote for Tsubasa.

    14. Oh look we found the cheater.

      I said nothing about who to vote for, I simply linked it around and said who's in the lead, and to be careful people rigging the votes.

      Even if i did say who to vote for, who says i can control WHO they vote for, since you can't control someone especially online?

      Your argument is flawed, and stupid. If you feel the need to cry about something that you yourself are now doing, despite me not doing it (And making you a hypocrite), then feel free.

    15. Also to clarify, i linked it around more than just Yaoi places bro.

      The only one who's coming close to cheating, by your own standards and the actual definition of such too (judging by your messages and vehemence on making so many responses everywhere) is you.

  5. Shion or Alux would be awesome.

  6. We vote for Kumo, she is cute and we need a better ninja than Ibuki from SF. But we also like Lamia #69, hmm tough choice..

  7. please... anything but Evan...

  8. yay Evan is winning.

  9. Really? -_- Evan is winning?

    I honestly thought Tsubasa and Shion would be in the lead. They have very good depth to them as characters and they look hot.

    Evan would be a great addition though I guess.

    1. Of course you would think Tsubasa and Shion would be in the lead. Those were the two votes people were cheating in the last time.

      Now that the cheaters are eliminated they aren't winning anymore.

    2. Actually Tsubasa's got a 2 point lead now.

    3. Oh look, she shot up by 12 points in an hour or so.

      Guess they find out how to cheat again.

    4. I think it was 9 when I left for work last night, went up from 6 that morning. Noodles does have the link for the blog on crearforosex, so people might be wakin up, checking out the link, and voting. Dunno. Still say the best way to go is a login based voting system.

    5. They wouldn't all vote within that period of time now after the vote has been up a while.

      Tsubasa is obviously cheating, it's the only thing that accounts for a vote spike that quick.

    6. Also a login based voting system can be cheated as well.

      I've seen it done before many times.

  10. So wait, Evan voters get called cheaters for having consistent votes that have no vote spikes.

    Then Tsubasa stays an 8 or so the entire time, then spikes 12 votes within an hour to conveniently pass up Evan within a short amount of time?

    Tsubasa voters were cheating last time as well.

    1. Both Tsubasa and Evan just went up 3 in the 30-40 seconds it took me to write that last post, so either people are waking up and voting, or both sides of the coin are cheating.

    2. Tsubasa was already 20 before you wrote anything.

      Even went up by 1 which was my vote. Evan was at 18 about 2 hours ago.

  11. No need to fret. The last hour I've been posting the link along with a vote for Evan on a few Japanese mugen places. You should see an increase in votes, hopefully more than the cheaters cheating.

    1. Technically that's the same as cheating. You're essentially getting more votes for yourself through other people, simply by telling them what you want them to vote for.

    2. No I'm not. Who dictates what is cheating? Actual people voting is not cheating. Also if you count someone linking the blog cheating, then Noodles is cheating by linking his blog, which is exactly what i did.

      I didn't say who to vote for, i simply posted.

    3. "The last hour I've been posting the link along with a vote for Evan" This implies that you DID say who to vote for.

    4. To clarify i meant i voted for Evan (I don't know how you assumed that from how i wrote it). I never said i was asking for them to vote for Evan. Hell even how i worded it sounded nothing like that.

  12. I dont even like tsubasa but if evan is the alternative im voting for her.

    Linking to places that aren't directly associated with this place (read: gay/yaoi boards) to win votes is a bs move, i'd say

    1. Why would it be a bullshit move? It's more traffic for Noodles, more fans and more people participating.

      The only downside is the OBVIOUS cheater (tsubasa) doesn't win. Which is actually another pro and not a con.

    2. Also it wasn't linking to any boards that aren't associated.

      They're specific mugen yaoi blogs and bbs's. They aren't unspecified boards. They're all for mugen.

      So i don't even understand what you're complaining about.

    3. you're linking to specific places expecting a specific outcome

    4. I linked it to a bunch of mugen related websites. Not all of them are yaoi, nor did i say who to vote for.

      So no...You're entirely wrong. Not to mention "LordJerle" went around posting links on other mugen places saying to vote for Tsubasa.

      Also my "Hopes" don't have any relevance, as i only hope to get more legit votes so the people rigging the votes won't ruin this entire poll.

  13. Oh no, Evan isn't going to be summoning fucking ponies is he?

    1. >Gateway to Equestria


    2. No wonder he's winning.

      God damn bronies.

  14. Hey Noodles.

    I was curious, what's your opinion on the poll so far? What do you think about the comment section of this post, and all of the allegations and ridiculous behavior?

  15. Everybody should vote for Kumo, she's very cute

  16. this whole thing is ridiculous lets just all bitch and complain shall we? cause it helps so much. I highly doubt anyone is even cheating this time I think this time. In fact I bet you all are just being paranoid as hell cause the votes just are going up in good sized amounts in both parties favor but you know that's what happens when it gets posted on other sites and even if people are saying to vote for this character or that character it cant be dealt with cause we can start this whole vote over again and those same people are gonna vote for those same characters so you know what? Just shut up sit back and let noodles handle it cause he seems to have it under control

  17. This poll is really meaningless..

    Noodles, just Listen to your heart.

  18. Lovely...yet another girl in a sailor suit, and ninja guy (a bit more original, to be fair), are winning. Yet the unique characters that have nothing even close to them (lamia, merro, alux, and even Kumo, with her unique outfit) are all losing horribly. Fell in love with Lamia the day i saw her in the marakumi mob, and saddened that she's still not a playable character.

    1. How in the hell did you see a mage/caster character as a ninja?

  19. And the polls are closed will be posting up the order soon so stay tuned and thanks everyone for participating in such a grand fashion =n.n= take care for now and see ya all next post.

    1. Ooo... does that mean it's almost release time for your current workload, or did you just decide to close the poll?


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