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Friday, June 30, 2017

Get Hyper

 Ahoy everybody how's it going!? Hopefully everything's goin good for ya we got ourselves a nice lil event planned ...

 Next week (July 2nd through 9th) is SGDQ (SummerGamesDoneQuick) a charity speed running event. So celebrate I've joined GamesMadeQuick  a game jam that runs along side SGDQ gonna be streaming development of a platform game Hyper Zweiwing. I've based a lot of this on a rebuilt version of Light in the Dark.

 Added a lot of new features and and animations hopefully when we start I'm hoping we can dive right into building stuff. So if you have the time check us out.

 The stream will take place on my Picarto channel Hope to see ya there. Take care for now and until next time, stay awesome.

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