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Friday, November 8, 2013


Oi Oi everyone how goes it! Pretty darn fantastic here, got a brief bit on news so heres we go!!!

Gallery update.

 Made an update to the Idol Ramen section in the gallery  so hop on over and give it a looksee. that section will be getting some much needed love in the next few days.

Future Project given life.

 Ya know I love a good ShMUp so I decided to start flexin my GM know how and started constructing my own engine which I'm showing now. the foundation is set now let the building commence.

Motion A Go Go Baby!!

 As I take myself further and further I strive to get better with current and future projects.

Gallery Addition.

 Opened up a new Gallery "Chai Tea" which will house random pieces.

 Well kats n kittens, back to the grind stone take care for now and see you next encounter



  1. Akemi in the shower= Best background EVER!!!

  2. Keep up the good work.

  3. Dude, what's going on with MurakamiMob? You said You were doing the last update 2 months ago. I've been tracking the 2.5 release for at least a year now and it's still not out. At least release a beta or a video or something

  4. It's not like he's being paid or anything. This is all free from the artists goodwill. And with the holidays here this past month probably wasn't anytime to spar for this. No offense but there isn't any real obligation to post whether he said 2 months or its year from this moment. Just gotta wait.

    1. you shouldn't be like.. 'hey this is almost done!!' then 1 year later its still not out. he either isnt working on it or doesn't feel like it, but its not like it takes any effort to say such. as far as im concerned, this is dead until further notice


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