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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Project Daiboken [Dev 001]

 Hey there all you beautiful people, back with a small update on the 3rd person RPG
that I'm now calling Project Daiboken which is starting to take even more shape, still a few to MANY technical issues ahead but hey ... Bring em on.

Pulling the models together

 FINALLY getting set to merge the head to the base bodies (so excited) There's still a few anthro heads that need to be made but human's for the time being are done.

Testing the hair out for the Female model as well.

Testing out a world

 Messing around with the terrain editor in unity  I'm liking what can be done so far though there still may be a few constructs I make in blender.

Gonna work on the 3rd person  movement soon and
add better functionality the one I'm currently using is pretty
glitchy (when you go freecam mode the character tends to auto turn)
so that's something I gotta play around with until I get it 
working how I'd like.

That's all for now everyone  I'll be back to ya asap as more gets done but for now take care and as always, be awesome.


  1. So no more mugen for you?

  2. Mugen is really hard to do. I tried to look into it myself and it gave me a headache. We can't get pushy with it really and if you think you've been waiting long, Ive waited 2 years for him to finish the character I want. >< Not gonna give the name to this character because don't wanna rush him. But there are hard days lol


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