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Friday, May 27, 2016

The Grind Game development Corner [001]

 Bits bobs ears and a tail, what's it all mean? I have no clue I'm just abnormally excited  right now ...

 Working a bit more on the 3D  game concept and made some strides as far as programming and modeling techniques, mainly setting up the character creation/selection feature.

 I've been working on more add pieces for character creation making a few sub races for human characters. So far I've got Kitsune, Neko Inu Elf and Android, because why not ♪

 Original shader provided by Unity.

Custom made shader.

 So I took some time and read up on making a custom shader and after much trial and error I made my own toon shader. The one I was using was nice but I was still feeling ~meh about it no I'm 94% happy with the outcome (why 94?? it was a fantastic year for cartoons ♥) So now I think I can finally FINALLY say I have the look down.

Testing out the arm morph bone.
Testing the body morph, there are some areas
where I need to fix the weight painting 
so close to a solution though, MORE TESTING!!!

 This is also something I've been experimenting with. I've made a few alterations to my armature to allow for body morphing, I kind of stayed away from it at first but finally broke down and decided to give it a try. There are still many adjustments that need to be made as far as weight painting goes but overall it's doing what I need it to.

 Well peeps, that's aboot it for now I'll see ya all next update, til then take care and stay awesome.


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