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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Workshop Mugen Dev [005]

Howdy everyone it's been a bit since the last update but we've been pretty busy.

 The past few MUGEN Sunday streams have been really fun. Getting back to MUGEN feels pretty fresh, I'm looking to put my gained know how into character creation.

 Last stream we got to finally add Bomb King's Stand, Air and Crouching Light attack next we'll work in his medium attacks then we can get to the really fun stuff.

This shall be the next helper added to the Mob Hopefully I'll be able to get it ready for next week's stream.

 Also ended up finding playable versions of some of my earliest characters. It was pretty fun getting to mess around with them in time I'd like to update them.

OG Daphnie Danger

OG Cheshire (version 2)

OG Kini

OG Alice

OG Min Chang (unreleased)

 Soon we'll get back to the character we started a few streams ago and get her all combat ready. Until then take care for now everyone and see ya'll next Update ... or stream. Stay awesome.


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