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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Light in the Dark (alpha build 1)

 My entry for #HalloweenJam2016. Light in the Dark is an action platformer tower defense game with RPG elements.
Currently the game is in Early alpha but playable so you can get the gist of game play.

  Angie and co. must defeat ghost and demons that have been appearing around town recently. Working with a group of Monks, they attempt to pinpoint and eliminate the threat at it's source.

DING!! found a Noodles.
Talk to your friends to get information and upgrade
things such as stats and tower abilities.

Use your magic flashlight to vaporize phantoms returning them from 
whence they came.

The Monks have set up Banishing gates to help keep the 
phantoms out of key areas. Protect these gates to keep
fear from spreading throughout the town.

 The download can be found at the link below.


Current Controls

Movement: (WASD or Arrow Keys)

Right Mouse: Flashlight Activation

MiddleMouse: Dodge Roll

Spacebar: Jump (tap to double Jump)

(tap twice in either direction in air to preform an Air Dash)

Talk to NPC: E (regular conversation) or Q (For Special Menu)

Open player Menu: M

Known Issues

*Enemy physics need adjusting (they can fly off into the cosmos if bopped).

Next Update

*Controller Support
*Bindable keys
*Tower Upgrade system
*Overhauled combat
*Ability Upgrade System
*More Enemies
*Fists set of stages
                                                                Hope to see you there.

 This was pretty fun I'll most likely be joining more game Jams down the line. Thank you everyone and see ya soon. Stay cool


  1. Nice. Kinda has a Ghost and Goblin feel to it. Love the cameos of your characters. Hope this game gets updated soon With boss characters and new weapons.

    1. Next update I'm totally overhauling the combat mechanics as well as fixing a few control bugs.


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