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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Light in the Datk (News)

 Small news post on the development of Light in the Dark ...

 I've began work on the next update for Light in the Dark a few overhauls and some new additions will be showcased in the next version.

Next update to include the following:

Save/Load Feature
 You'll now have the ability to save and load progress.

Overhauled Combat
  Magic flashlight is being split up into categories, Melee (A button) Magic (B button). Each will have their unique uses and functions to aid you in hairy situations.

Tower Upgrade system
  Tower upgrade system will be available Strengthen towers making them more durable and add new abilities along the way.

Tower Display 
Tower current blessings will be displayed as well as the option to heal towers with money received from mobs.

Protect the Monks
 The Monks have taken to the field to secure and seal the access points. You must protect them until the portals are sealed.

New Enemies
 Shade hounds join the fray, ghoulish mutts that are quick on their feet and attack with ruthless aggression.

Color Status
 Done and Done
Testing Phase
Building Phase
Not Done Yet

 Got a bit to go but won't take too long thank goodness. Will have updates to other projects coming soon as well.

Gallery Update
I've made an update to the following Gallery
Idol Ramen

 Short post was short but hope to see you all there for the next release. Take care for now everybody and stay cool.

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