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Friday, September 16, 2016

Hot Limti: Candii Apple Update [005]

Hot Limit: Candii Apple is my first entry to a game jam #lewdjam.

Hot Limit: Candi Apple is a metroidvania style  platform game with a sci-fi theme. This is my first game jam entry so hopefully whatever I turn up here will evolve into something right fantastic.

*Two playable characters with unique play styles.
*Interactive NPCs that will aid you throughout your mission some may "reward" you for saving the day.

 Taking a break from their bounty hunting gig, Candii and Apple book themselves a cruise aboard the Divine Abode, a luxury cruise vessel. All seemed well until Space pirates attacked the vessel. Vacation's over as it's time to gear up kick some space pirate booty in a race against time to save the ship's crew and its passengers.



Race: Davorian (half Human)
Group of Affiliation: Hot Limit
Weapon: Dual SX-7 Beam Blade Omni Weapon

Bio: One of Hot Limit's newest recruits, Candii is a Davorian who graduated DDF Academy at an early age. Seeking something more out of life she became a freelance bounty hunter to see the universe and have a good time doing so. She joined Hot Limit after a dueling the team's leader Tammy over a bounty they were both after.


Race: Human
Group of Affiliation: Hot Limit
Weapon: D-20 Launcher Rifle Omni Weapon

Bio:Single mother of two, Apple joined Hot Limit shortly after her husband passed. An ex-Star Ranger now bounty hunter Apple has once again taken up arms to rid the galaxy of pirates and the like. She's taken a shine to Candii as she reminds her of her kids, because of this the two are almost always paired together.


 Here are concept and rough sketches of the main and sub characters featured in the game.
Ground works for Candii's design
Ground work for Apple's design.

laying out the game's setting.

Ship's security team

Ship's engineering staff.

Ship's medical team.
 The Astros are a couple
you'll come across on your journey 
throughout the ship.

 The Casino is in a bit of a jam
you might want to help them out as well.

The Opposition

 The Pirates travel through deep space looking for wayward
vessels to pillage. Often making off with spoils as well as
prisoners. Should you ever find yourself face to face with
a pirate ship, Pray your shields and warp drive  are running
at optimal capacity, if not pray they makie it a swift end.

The Pirate tech crew are scoundrels who look to get
the technological advantage over their opponents. 
No raiding party is without a tech crew as their technical
skills prove invaluable.

 The call of the wild, Pirate Splicers gain their
powers through splice devices. The devices
alter their genes with that of earth animals
giving them a significant boost in speed strength
and fighting prowess ... and other prowesses too.

Working out some other mobs to appear 
throughout the ship.

*Update 1*
The Divine Abode

 began work on the game's overall map should have it skinned soon but overall so far so good.

First attempt on Metroid style room transition.

Video of updated room transition.

*Update 2*

 Quick update, Took a break from animations to work on some room assets.

They're translating really well in Unity thank goodness.

*Update 3*

Quick type update been working on NPC's most of the day. Gonna drop them in game hopefully later tonight or tomorrow in the meantime I've started dropping the interactive background objects in game and so far so good.

*Update 4*

 Well missed the jam due to scheduling  shenanigans but it's all good for production continues.the project's grown a bit. I'm hoping to have the entire ship laid out by week's end. Then I can start filling in events and the like.

Placeholder character's working really well
we're going to have to get some enemies in there though.

Room transitions and character movement
are working as expected next up are NPCs.

*Update 5 mini*

Starting on getting our main characters worked on.

 Okay kats n kittens production has started I'll  be updating when possible so keep an eye out. For now take care and stay awesome. Let's have some fun with this one yea?
Twitter: @StudioRamenCat

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  1. Very cool! I can't wait to play this game! =D


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