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Monday, July 10, 2017

Hyper Zwei Wing Alpha 001 Build release (Update #2)

 It's here the Alpha release of Hyper Zwei Wing ...

... I want to thank everyone who hung out on stream and stuck with me through this, you guys are awesome.

Game play vid of this build. I overhauled what
I had started with Light in the Dark.

 Use Light based magic to tear through
your enemies. Show them no quarter.

Your friends will help you along the way
with increasing your stats, powering up moves
or helping you travel in your quest to
save your town.

 You can pick this alpha build up here

 This is an alpha so there's bound to be a bug or 3 or 4. 


Attack: X Button || LMB || A Key

 Jump: A Button || Spacebar

Neutral Special: Y Button || RMB || S Key 

Side Special: (Tap left or right) along with  Y Button || RMB || S Key 

Up Special: (Tap Up) along with  Y Button || RMB || S Key 

Roll: Right Shoulder Button || MMB (will be making changes)

Dash: (In Air) Tap Left or Right twice 

Interact: B Button || Esc Key (will be making changes)


 Small update Fixed a glitch with the pitfalls you'll properly fall and respawn losing some health.

Update 003 is underway aiming to fix a few things:
  • Additional enemies (Golem)

  • Enemy fixes (Hounds will now use their projectiles)

  • Enemy Fixes (Witchy girls are less spammy in their attacks and will attempt to use their distance)

  • Enemy Fixes (Enemies will now use their up attack in combat)

  • Control (Fixing a few keyboard controls)

  • Gameplay (Integrating Jessie's skilltree menu which will add several new abilities)

  • Gameplay (Adding Down + Special move. Angelic Barier.)

 That's it for now everyone, now I've got the overwhelming urge to draw for like 10 days straight.
take care for now everyone and as always Stay awesome.

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