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Monday, February 22, 2010

MurakamiMob version 1.7 on the way

Nyo!!! How's it goin everyone!? For starters I'd like to say that I had a blast Katsucon 2010 my only problem was that it ended >^: :^<>n.n<>n.n<

The first of them being Belly Dance.
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The hypnotic sway of the Lamia's hips may cause confusion to any opponent not on their guard. I had fun working on this one just making tweaks to the move's functions I'll keep ya informed of further developments take care for now. ~Noodles


  1. Wow Noodles!
    Exelent work!!
    Your mob is the best H character!!

  2. Thanks Pornking , I'll keep workin on it so long as you and Jeffrey keep crankin out those spectacular edits >n.n<

  3. Hey Noodles your murakami mob is amazing and you should feel very proud ^_^ of your spectacular work. Keep it up


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