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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MurakamiMob version 1.7 updates

NYO everyone!! Noodles here bringing you a few updates for the upcoming 1.7 update. This update is more of a Beefed tweak of v1.5 I've taken the feedback from that and made a few adjustments. Tweaked the pleasure bar on all moves, it no longer deplets (for now) and some moves gain have either been increased or decreased, I've also done damage tweaks on most moves, and a few move reassignments.

The move Flat liner is now a High lvl 1 special.

I've tweaked the gain on the pleasure meter to decrease the amount of damage done by the time the move is over. Panel 4 part A shows the amount of damage taken by move's end before the adjustment (keep in mind this was a regular move damage = TOOO HIIIGH!!) and panel 4 part B shows how much damage is taken by move's end with the adjustment (muuuuch better).

Aside from this adjustment 4 new moves have been added to play around with :3
(Belly Dance, Blood Drain, Hot Limit bomber, and the first Instant Finisher Captain's log *snicker*).

New move Blood Drain added.

The mischievous vampire Ketsuki makes her presence known interfering in one's match for survival against the relentless mob all for the sake of a tasty snack.

So far things are coming along smoothly and I'll keep you posted on the next round of adjustments as I add them.
Take care for now. ~Noodles

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  1. Looking forward to release man, looks spiffy as usual!


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