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Monday, April 26, 2010

MurakamiMob Ver 1.7 is Here

The Long awaited Murakamimob v1.7 is here Thanks for your patience everybody I appreciate the support and hope ya enjoy. Now I will get to work on Tai Akagi and begin work on the future v2 update, but first it's time for a little R & R, Metro City Style. Nyaaa! See Ya soon!

DL1 - http://www.4shared.com/file/H7-Nn7tV/MurakamiMobv17.html
Replace old cmd file with this one to make the move Belly Dance work.
CMD DL http://www.4shared.com/file/lmSKd-YC/MurakamiMobcmd.html


  1. Hurray! The next version of MurakamiMob is up X3;;!

    You did another great job! That must had been a lots of work :O!


  2. Thanks a lot Chibi-chan >n.n<

  3. Sweet, I like the new version. As usual, you do some cool stuff that hopefully others in the community can measure up to.

    Anyhow, a few things...

    Blood Drain and Soul Seeker have the same button combos according to the directions?

    I'm also having trouble getting Hot Limit Bomber working

    For Belly Dance, I notice that it eventually might lose the yellow sparkles that usually surround Lamia.

    Finally... which victim character(s) do you think are the most compatible with the mob? As in... after the air commands are added to them, look the best with the most animations. Currently using Kai, and she doesn't neccesarily work the best all the time.


  4. Heya DudePerson, Thanks a lot >n.n.<
    Blood drain should be (← b) as opposed to Soul Seeker's (↓ b).
    Hot Limit Bomber is a timing thing trust me even I had a bit of trouble pulling it off I made it frame/time specific at some points on purpose (for future character creations)
    and victim characters taht work well ... well eko,cvk, there's a CVS Chun li and Sakura I have taht work well and there's an Elena that I have that works well, somone also released a patch for the Latest version of Tifa that works with 1.7 I have not downloaded her yet tho.
    and yea I noticed when a Victim is caught by Elegant sway the attack down icon seems to override her glitter sparks currently being addressed. thanks for the heads up and feedback, much appreciated.

  5. Hey there! Tried playing with the Mob, but when the fight starts, an error appears and mugen closes.

    "Error message: State physics "H" not valid
    Error in [Statedef 40]
    Error in chars/MurakamiMob/common1.cns
    Error loading chars/MurakamiMob/MurakamiMob.def
    Error loading p1"

    Do I need something special in order to play as the mob?

  6. Are you using mugen 1.0, if so the problem in in the common1.cns packed in with the mob. If so just remove it from the mob's folder and let it run off of 1.0's common1.cns I haven't noticed any play differences but at the same time I'm just starting to use mugen 1.0. I hope that helps.

  7. Ah, yes, that worked. Thank you!

    You really made an awesome job with this. Definitely one of the best selfmade mugen-characters I have seen. I myself are more a fan of girl-on-girl, so most of the moves didn't quite hit me, but one can't deny the quality of your work. Must have been quite an amount of work.

    Ever considered making your own game instead of just mugen-characters? With your artstyle on both sides (not just the raping one) you could make even better interaction between the characters. This should further increase the quality.

  8. Well I have been practicing with other makers besides mugen and to be honest for me to say I haven't thought about making my own game wouldn't be an accurate statement, I guess we'll have to wait an see what happens nya? >n.n<

  9. Hello, noodles, I just now saw this. It's pretty cool. I like your changes.

    However, I'm not a big fan of that purple haired girl during one of the finishers. She looks a little too young. :(
    The one wearing the brown see through clothes?

    I heard that you said there would be no loli characters, and I'm glad, but this girl is much younger than the rest.
    And let's not get started on that one move with the Egyptian pharoh.
    I like this mob, but some parts are off. Perhaps you can help me understand.

  10. Hey noodles, are the characters in your website that are highlighted available for download? Like the girl with the purple hair? That would be an awesome char to plays as! By the way, I love the way Jessie looks!! No Jessie looked better than that mate!

  11. @DavidB1111
    too young? -.-"
    this is HENTAI!... not porno movie

    man ur work is awesome i LOVE IT!!! most fun to play, im looking forward to v2 cant wait for it, hope u can tell us how long we have to wait 1month 2month? :D

  12. Hey! Would it be possible to get a version without the crowd in the background?


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