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Saturday, May 22, 2010

10000 hits

NYAY!! Studio Ramen reached 10,000 hits. Thanks everyone for makin this possible. A few updates have been made to the Gallery and Mugen section, character mystery boxes have been popping up to reveal future releases. There will also be updates to the Doujin section in the upcoming days as well. Once again thanks and I'll see ya all next update, I'm just gettin started >n.n<


  1. I knew you you were extremly popular Captain noodles <3.

    Chibi-chan n.n

  2. I believe you have the best character art style I have ever seen in the mugen community. It would be great if you made a female character compatible with murakamimob(the poses would automatically make her compatible with at least 90% of characters out there).

  3. Sorry to double post, but I was would love to help you design more characters with your particular art style. The only problem is I have to first learn how to create mugen characters. How easy/hard is it to learn? Do you have any recommendations for resources? Please email me.

  4. Nyo!! Thanks a lot I'm currently developing a character that I plan to release soon after Murakamimob v2.0 (in the works) Creating in mugen isn't really hard it's actually quite fun once you get the hang of it. I think starting out the biggest thing was understanding the purpose of each of the different files.


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