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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rolling 1000 Toon!!

Nyay!! Finally I've begun putting together Murakamimob v2, I'm pretty excited so far as this may well be my favorite update yet =n.n=

The first preview of one of the newest moves to be added is DBB =n.n= Aside from the new moves being added there has also been tweaks to existing moves. There will be an update to the compatibility code. The mob will now be compatible with other characters including itself :D I've thrown in some cameos to go along with the actions, I'll keep ya'all updated.

Free Image HostingThis is the animation for the Kuro "horse" move. =n.n=

Also lined up are two characters whom I plan to release around the time of v2 is.

First up is Akemi, a character based off of a doujin I read a while ago. I liked the character despite her tragic end so I figured I'd make a character out of her.

Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Akemi's walk animation, left is the base and right is the animation "filled out" tho I still have to finish drawing in the hair as it too bounces about.
Next up is Masaro Watanabe, an original character. He is one of my main antagonist. Like Tai he too is a persona user of the Devil Arcana. His persona is Erinyes goddess of vengeance.
Tai is still in the works there were a few things animation-wise that I wanted to change that casued me to temporarily put her on the back burnerI'll most likely pick back up on her once these 3 have been released. Take care for now and I'll see ya next update =n.n=


  1. lookin good, Akemi's walk could destroy building!

  2. Love the character concepts so far! Right now, I am reading a tutorial here: http://mugenguild.com/forumx/index.php?topic=37742.0. I have an unaltered version of shermie from kof that I'm going to edit. I'll try to have at least three edited moves sometime in the next two weeks(est--don't know how long it takes to edit moves yet).
    If you want, I can email my edits to you for any input/criticisms. Thanks for the advise and pointers.

    P.S. I'm not familiar with Akemi. What is her fighting style?

  3. Well as far as Akemi goes the character didn't fight at all I had to make up a move set for her (100% fun) Her move set consists of Powerful hits and variable maneuvers (similar to Karen or Kyo) I put her in as one of Tai's social links (Persona reference) I'm glad to hear the progress you're makein and would ebe glad to check out the edits when you get them done.

  4. hmm...im editing some chars and testing them against murakami mob, noticed it didnt play any of
    kuro's or the others anims, but i chekrd the code and noticed it do cheks for some anims

    can u post all the anims recuired ?


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