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Monday, June 28, 2010

AAArrrgh Kindred Seals!!!

Took a small break to get back to playing Final Fantasy XI what with it's new update n all when a road block the size of Unichron planted itself right in my way. Ya gotta love those instances where something ya used to get so frequently ends up bein about as hard to find as that left sock ya took off 5 min ago ... oh the joys of farming =u.u=
Well back to action!!! =n.n= I've begun adding the animations for the mob as I finish them so far I'm almost done the Kuromaru (lite and regulars)/slime compatibility, there are a few moves that lite has that I have to make new anims for (Yuuuuus) next will be the Minotaur animations I'm happy to share what I've gotten thus far.

Cutter and Spencer seem to be up for the challenge.

Some rides just aren't worth the price of admission ... or Are they.

I'm pretty sure she'd much rather be out at sea right now.

Not even Souzou Saisei could help against Midnight Bliss.

Nyaa such a different spin on sexy no jutsu =o.o=

And tonight's entertainment...

Can do Kan'u.

Oboro really shoulda seen this comin.

So far so good came across a few issues with state numbers that I had to fix other then that I had some frustrating fun trying to catch the mob for the action. Still much to do in the form of sounds and teh addition of new specials. I'll keep ya all posted =n.n= (must get muh Kindred sealz)


  1. :O! This is coming up really good o.o! I wonder how the next's one will come out X3;;! As usual instant noodles~ You do a veryyyy great job n.n!


  2. Oh and also~ Did you took a look at the latest ''Kuromaru/Striker'' too? :3


  3. Holy shit, Kan'u! Now that's something I'd kiss you for

    And is that Hakufu in the giant cock move?


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