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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Keep Liftin'

 =n.n= Nyo~ho Everyone how goes it!? Here in the final phases of the new update, the last new move's almost finished and I thought I'd share it the progress with ya.
                                       SSF Kabukicho Nights
  This move I broke down into 3 parts this is parts 1 and 2. A lot of fun went into puttin this one together =n.n=
A) Oboro looks to remove our Heroine from the field. After a swift elbow to the sternum it looks as tho their fate is sealed.
B) This part starts off the 2nd part of the move sour of a Jan-Ken-Pon between P1 and P2. when the cue sounds each player must press a button A, B or C each corresponding to an attack or a dodge for the specific attack.
C) Once the buttons are pressed it's time to see who's lucky ... or who GETS lucky.
D) If P2 chooses the right defensive maneuver then there's a considerable health loss to the mob and p2 escapes.
E) But if they choose the wrong dodge then it's officially lights out. The CS is lengthily so grab popcorn.
 So far so good with this move but the only problem I'm seeing on the horizon are dramatic style battles with more then one player on the field. I hope to solve that issue soon. Once this is completed there are 3 win poses and 1 intro I must add and it will be ready. /cheer /cheer ifin anything pops up I'll be sure to let ya kno ... take care for now everyone  =n.n=


  1. hi Noodles
    I look forward to murakamimob v2^^;

  2. As usual, you keep the tension up. Looking forward to the release, when it finally comes out :p

  3. Dear goodness I can't wait for this release... *Keeps his recorders and webcams on so he can constantly be notified about it* @w@ this is one mob that I'm a member of... You didn't read that >.>

  4. at this point you might as well rename the next release to v3.0 xD


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