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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Small update BIG change

 Phew ... New York Comicon tomorrow YEEEY!! as I won't be makin it there this year (PROFOUND SADNESS) I am looking forward to all the info it'll have to offer .... Liiiiiiiiiike the next batch of characters for Marvel vs Capcom 3 (crosses fingers come ooooooon Strider) and I'm hoping to hear that the new DMC was a very cruel and early April fools joke ...though ... that doesn't seem likely it's always good to have high hopes u_u. (hehe) Anyhoo, with the last new move still being worked out I had a brain storm so I went ahead and made some adjustments and added a couple of new features to this upcoming update and I'd like to share them with you now.
 New Spirit meter added, added a new meter that coincides with the mob's specials(Soul seeker, Belly Dance etc.) those moves no longer take from the super bar but from the spirit meter. Once this meter is depleted the Bar becomes broken (big red X over it) and specials cannot be until the bar is replenished (by waiting "literally" for it to refresh itself or by other means). This bar also goes into performing the Instant Finish Attacks providing the meter is filled enough.
  I was happy with the addition but I didn't stop there. The moves Bomb Stinger and Web Stinger now have their own stock, like the spirit meter, when these moves are used the stock decreases but once these are used up that's it until next round, I also made another adjustment to the mobs HP and tweaked the timing on a few animations. So far so good tale care for now everyone and lets keep our fingers crossed for a round of good character releases for MVC 3 (crosses fingers c'moooooon C. Viper)


  1. aiming a little too high but I hope some of your selections for MvC3 make into the game.

    Also Capcom said in a recent interveiw somewhere forgot where that Dmc is not a full on reboot, but a retelling of Dantes origins.

  2. Well as it stands now Arthur and Bionic Commando are 2 character additions I've been waiting on since the first MVC, would like to see more Capcom villains, so far marvel has the bad guy section on lock.

  3. True Seth
    Original Sugoi-wa Knight
    Aegis Reflecter
    Seth/Urien moves no tanden thx.

    why isnt a Sugoi-wa Knight in your game.


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