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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Episodes from Neko Village

 Hey Hey everyone how goes it? Now I'm gonna say this one time ... GO SEE CAPTAIN AMERICA ... ESPECIALLY if you've used him in any of the marvel games it makes it just THAT much more awesome with the Avengers Trailer tacked at the end I can say I've seen 3 good super hero movies this summer =n.n= While on the subject of Superheros, I must say GHOST RIDER ... IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 got a nice Roster boost, one character in particular bein among one of my top 10 faves, cause nothin says Badass like a Skeletone on a motorcycle ... THAT'S ON FIRE!!! I'm lookin forward to more character vids in the future namely Nemesis and Phoenix Wright, oughta be good.

 I've almost finished testing the 2.1 mob and will have videos done before the release. I'm also just about set to scan the 3 characters featured in the Pic above. =n.n=

 It's this phase where I get the most excited so be prepared for a mess of updates =n.n= just sayin hehe.
 I've also decided to crack my knuckles and take on a grand project no too much I can say about it at the moment because it's still in the works but I guess a little peek under the tarp couldn't hurt any.
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 As Always I'll keep ya all updated so stay tuned. Back to work for now, nyaaa this heat's a killer n.n;; Take care everyone, stay Cool and Stay Driven!!

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  1. Woohoo! 2.1 is gonna rock :D Also, very excited to see what else you've got on the way here. Again, you have a real talent for animation, and it's great to see Mugen sprites coming from original animations rather than built from old ones, really gives it character.

    Been putting together a character that I've been working to make Mob-compatible, so going through all the animations and the like made me appreciate just how clever it is, bit of a Mugen noob :) Look forward very much to what comes next!


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