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Saturday, June 25, 2011

30000 Hits

 Studio Ramen reaches 30000 hits. Thanks everyone, stay awesome =n.n=
 Here's a preview of the next and last move to be added for this update the 2nd assist Lamia #69 with her anti-air "Rising Swell" Look forward to the next update, see ya then =n.n=



  1. Hi there, happened to come across your site while browsing for MUGEN characters, and I have to say your work's fantastic. I love your animation and drawing style, and cannot thank you enough for the Murakami Mob lol, absolutely inspired :) Congratulations on making 30,000, and I hope you never run out of steam! Will be checking back frequently :)

    P.S. Oh yeah, nearly forgot, the characters in the MUGEN section of your site don't seem to be clickable, is that normal or am I doing something wrong?

  2. Hey Noodles, I'm a big fan of the M. Mob and I love what you're doing with them. I love the girls from Rumble Roses and clearly many aspects of the mob are inspired by those characters. Now if you somehow stick Benikage in there somehow...

    ANYWAY. You mentioned something a while back about dark skinned girls getting different animations than light skinned ones. I've only seen this with one mugen character in my list. Can you tell us more about those characters? Characters like Elena and Storm don't seem to work.

  3. Hi Papanomics! I think there's a few lines in the CNS file you have to change to add more characters' names in order for the dark-skinned animations to kick in. I got it working with a Storm I think, do you want me to send you the instructions?


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