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Monday, September 27, 2010

Way of Life

  Chaa it's fall already, summer's taken a bow and has handed the stage off to one of my favorite seasons. Soon the lush greenery of the summer shall make way for earthen hues of Red yellow and orange. Despite the drop in temperature this really is one of my faves, the beauty of change is both breath taking and inspiring. So inspiring in fact that I've begun working on my characters on the side. Starting out with Akemi who's closer to complete if anything there are still a few frames that need to be finished for her, it's a fun process that I'm lookin' forward to finishing, I'll keep ya all updated. =n.n=
Rough animation of Akemi's Heavy punch
 The last move before the update is coming along nicely, I think I may have found a new favorite move =n.n=
Start up animation for the next SSF.
What does the mischievous Oboro have planned in Kabukicho?
 (cracks knuckles)  OK!!! Lotsa stuff to do take care for now everyone and see ya next update. UUUUWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
                                                                                    =n.n= Noodles

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  1. ok when you have more fighting characters maybe ill put mugen on one of my OS again DX

    attacks look good glad to see more full body reacting to attack movements. Plz give everyone instant air dash LOL


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