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Saturday, December 4, 2010

NEC Neco

 Nyo everyone how goes it!? Great I hope, comin at ya live from NECXI Northeast Championships here in Philly. It's always good to see the fighting game scene so alive, makes me feel all warm n tingly inside =n.n=
When it comes down to it, you can never have enough in your arsenal and I think that me and the 7 Lords (My Group)  are ready for anything. So far it's been a blast, I've seen some top tier matches and met some really cool people, the atmosphere and energy here are truly awesome.
Eats are also very important, for a fed fighter is a happy fighter (well food makes me happy ... among other things =n.n= )
Well that's it for now everyone take care, NEC matches n' vids comin' soon bai bai =n.n=

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