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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!

Hey Everyone!! I hope your Christmas was Merry and your New Years was a Happy one =n.n=  Both Christmas n New Years were both enjoyable (was even given the gift of Kangoku Senkan vol.4 as a bonus =o.o=) Well I've been working on the new 2.1 update for Murakami Mob and I'm happy to say it's close to completion. I'd like to share some of the additions with ya =n.n=
I've cut down on the number of helpers used to make up the background (I noticed this caused hella lag at some points) I've increased the number of moves that are able to fill the spirit meter if depleted and adjusted the amount gained by the older moves.
                         Absorber animation and finisher added
 I finished up and added the sprites for the absorber finish animation, I went back and built around the animation I originally had, I've tested out on both kuro lite and plus and I'm satisfied with how it came out.
                           New Assist moves
 New to the mob is a separate assist (striker, helper, etc.) that aims to hinder the opposition in Oboro's favor. upon call Oboro is briefly susceptible to attack, once the assist character is out there's a brief cooldown before they can be summoned again. If the assist character is hit by the opponent then the cool down period is increased and can't be summoned again until their "Penalty Time" n_n animation is done.
 I'll have more news for ya all soon Take care everyone and let's hope this year kicks as much ass as last year did =n.n=


  1. Weeee! It's been a long while since you did a blog update Noodles =n.n=!

    I missed you tons <33! I love the upcoming update n.n.


  2. Looking forward to it as always, Noodles. Looks yummy. MUGEN imageboard have been down for a while now, so I thought i'd ask... have you seen any adaptations (or attempts thereof) of characters to be fully compatible (with decent animations) with the Murakami Mob?

    Hope everything goes well!


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