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Friday, February 11, 2011

TEN MORE YEARS!!!!!!! and then some ...

 Are ya ready cats n kittens!? After many a moon wonderin and waitin the time has finally come. "What's Noodles blabberin about now!?" yer probably askin, only one of the craziest tag team games to grace existence, I'm talkin Marvel vs Capcom 3 "I Wanna Take you Fo A Ride!!" ung ... relapse ... sorry bout that. but yes we're only days (4) from release and I have ta say I'm pretty dern excited. Some of the faces may have changed and yes some of our hopefuls have not made the starting cut (NO MEGAMAN WTF YO!!?) but there's one that's guaranteed ... THE BIG THREE!! also know as (THAT team, Aw crap, The only characters in the game, or Rage quit inc.) either way ya put it there's almost a 100% chance you're gonna get Rocket punched ... Hyper grav'd or caught in a lightning storm but hey ... it's to be expected, 'cause it's MARVEL BABEH!! So if you like the redunkulos and and have a thing for the "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" then this game is for you ... (even if it lacks megaman wtf capcom) anyhoo ... 10 more years guys are ya ready??


  1. Yep Capcom went all out to include the spam Favorites again.

    After their continued reassurances that they listen to their fans about not including Storm, Magneto, and Sentinel guess what here they are.

    Thank You Crapcom, Your offically the worst at Fan support.

  2. Oh it gets better alot fans also did not want a challenge mode in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 cause it got alot of bad comments on it Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4, so Capcom disguised it by calling it Mission Mode.

    Shame on you Capcom.


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