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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stepping Back

 Ahoy and Happy Easter everyone how goes things =n.n=? Good I'm hoping. Things are pretty stellar here as I gear up for Animazement next month I had started on some spring cleaning on my drive and came across something that takes me back some years =n.n= (nearly 8) I found one of the first boss type characters I've ever attempted, I put some time aside to work on him a bit (we have to tools ... we can make him stronger ... Faster ... STRONGER!!!!!) knowing what I know now I think I can make him a formidable foe here's a small preview of the unearthed god of rage TAKARASH.
                        In HIS world ... there is Rage and Rage only. 

CA~OOOOOO~kie Crisp!! ...wait I meant GA~ROO...ah screw it!!
 Took a break from what I was doing and was able to catch a performance by Girugamesh the other day, I missed them at Anime Boston was rather cool to find that they were preforming in my hometown a few days later =n.n= I for one enjoyed it, got a chance to bang my head some  (n clear the cobwebs out) and get myself refocused. Catch ya all next update stay frosty =n.n= (always wanted to say that).

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