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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stepping Forward

 (Happy Sigh) Finally getting around to finishing up some artwork for future character and current projects. Here's character art for Akemi, Masaru and Tai the first 3 player characters I plan on releasing. Feeling quite good about finishing these three now since I have a good character combat system worked out I'm quite pumped =n.n=

                                  Tai akagi and her persona Neko Shogun.

                                  Masaru Watanabe and his persona Erinyes.


                                    Akemi's standing Strong kick animation.

 Time to go double time, take care for now everyone I'll see ya all next update.

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  1. Hey Noodles, I love how you draw your characters. They have good coloring and animation. Do you have any tutorials on how you make your animations or drawings?


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