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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Neko Neko boogie woogie

 Heyo everyone what's shakin' X3 hope yer all enjoyin yerselves cause I know I am. Another E3 passes with another gagle of awesome video game news namely Street Fighter X Tekken. The trailer and character selection so far has me excited for this one (for once the people I like to use have made the starting cut) now if ONLY they add Elena /pray. Keeping along the fighting game scene I recently got to play KOF XIII ... OMGHOT!!! lookin forward to the home version (Squeeeee Can't wait!!)
 Been pretty busy after Animazement, I've got some additions to the Original gallery on the main page and I've begun the final steps for Murakami Mob v2.1.

 Here's a sneak peak at the next set of characters to be worked on after 2.1 X3
Yet another character currently being worked on. Tsubasa was actually the prototype for Tai before the Persona theme. I didn't want to totally scrap teh design so I decided to give her a life of her own ... a new one at least.
A preview of one of her moves, she has a few counter moves and command moves, base animations roughly 60% done, I've applied my new method for creating characters on her as a test and so far I like how it's coming along. Well back to work for now ... take care everyone and see ya next update.

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