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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DASH!! Onward Neko!!

AHOOOOOY!! How's it goin everyone? Couldn't feel better =n.n= looking to a big weekend and I couldn't be more excited =n.n= I won't say anymore I'll just show ya.

Murakamimob 2.1 is close so I figure I'd go over some of the changes and additions.
 The newest Assist has been added, Lamia #69 takes to the field with a move that's sure to make anyone think twice about aerial theatrics.
Check out the move in motion here:

The assist button, for starters, hitting "b" alone will no longer do the move Bomb Stinger, that motion has be changed to Back and a (4,a). Now hitting "b" ... well ... does nothing =n.n=  BUT!!! holding it and tapping a corresponding direction will summon the assigned henchmen to do your bidding ... or take a hit. Each assist has its own purpose as shown in the pics below.

 On the down side ... or up side depending on what end you're on >_> during the assist certain moves that correspond to said character are unusable.
1)Party Time Clothesline = Idol M@sher
2)Rising Swell = Belly Dance, Whip appeal, Spencer's Lesson in Partner Discipline 101
 Got a few more tests to run  along with some video to record and I'll be done Yeeeey!!! See ya then .

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