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Saturday, September 3, 2011

109 Sun Shine Glory

 'ello 'ello Everyone how are ya!? Good I'm hopin' alas it seems summer's comin' to a close, it was a good one indeed now bring on the fall and all it's awesome releases COUGHUltimateMvC3COUGH!! COUGHKOFXIIICOUGH!! SNEEZEGearsOfWar3SNEEZE eesh ya gotta excuse me I caught a slight case of the FallGameFlu it's a passing thing (once I get em in ma paws) =n.n= only question I got now is Who I'll be ditching for Rocket Raccoon? (M.O.D.O.K. I'm looking in your direction ...) Lookin to TGS 2011 for moer character info and hopefully some vids XD
 Almost finished two projects headed for the doujin section here's a small preview.
It's not that I like Kemono girls ... it's that I LOVE Kemono girls =n.n=
 I've begun inking and coloring of Akemi. above are 2 color tests I did the one on the right was an early attempt but a nap and 2 cups of coffee later I came up with the one on the right. So far that may be the one I go with unless I come up with something else by the time I'm fully done inking I'll keep ya'll posted on the progress =n.n= and speaking of that ... 'tis back to work time. Take care everyone and enjoy these last bits of summer whiles there here.

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  1. I just want to say Akemi is so freakishly hawt! I would be a MUCH happier man if I had a girlfriend who looked like that(bonus points for being able to kick my butt).


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