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Friday, December 2, 2011

Flying the Freedom

If I hadn't said so yet ... I just LOVE Rouge the Bat =n.n=
 Nya~HOOOO!! Howdy folks n folketts, I hope everyone's holiday went well, couldn't be better myself =n.n= Preparin to head to NEC where I look forward to seein some awesome tournie matches as well as gettin in some good casuals. I've finally ironed out Akemi's pallet with alternate colors which I am happy to share here this moment.

 Had a fun time comin up with the pallets ... an even funner time makin sure they were compliant with each other (5 tries couldn't be any surer) So here's to teh coming weeks when I hope to have the Alpha ready.
 Gear shift back to the Mojave wasteland (for those into the Fallout scene.) Inspired but all the awesome content I've seen floating around I've decided to work on my own mod (still in pre pre pre phases due to my knowledge of GECK) So here's a sneak peak at A Mystic Wasteland.

 Enjoy for now and take care everyone , see ya in a few. ~Cheers!!

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  1. Any hope for some links towards the krystal mod as well? It's not on the Nexus, and trying to find it is hard. Would be nice for a point in the right directiopn =3


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