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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big Iron

 Howdy buckaroos it's been a bit how're ya'll doin'? Good I reckon!!  Took a lil break of sorts, I found myself rediscoverin teh Mojave Wasteland with Fallout New Vegas, rediscovered through the power of mods!! I mean the game was fun for xbox but why settle for fun when you can have ... FUNTASTIC!!! Well after nuking Powder Gangers and wiping Caesar's Legion off the face of Nevada it's time to sit back with a nice cup of tea and get back to work with a fresh set o batteries.
Travelin' the Mojave's never been so sexy XD

  Good news in the development department, Akemi Alpha in nearing completion. It's been a hurtle and a half converting the old style over to the new one but hey ... practice makes perfect right? I've been working on her pallet and would like to share what I have thus far.
Basic six colors tho I might tweak/change/add a few before release time.
 This has been a pretty good fighter inspired week due to the release of Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3. I'm lookin forward to seein some good fresh face matches at the upcoming tournaments and hey ... Strider ... Welcome back (tear. Take care for now everyone talk to ye in a little bitty bit.


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