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Friday, January 20, 2012

Bad mamma jamma!

Heylos everyone  How goes your new year thus far!? Good I'm hopin'.took a break to bring a bit o news. Akemi beta is close to done, I changed up the color style a bit that led to a little pallet block so for now she has one pallet until I work that out. basic moves (walk, run, crouch, jump. block, get hit etc are all done. and I'm moving on to basic and command attacks then special attacks. Monster compatibility to follow that. She's finally makin her way to the stage about ready to strut her stuff, I'm pretty excited. Well, have at thee in a little bit take care for now =n.n=


  1. Holy hell is she busty! Looks good Noodles

  2. Very nice Noodles! Can wait to try her out.


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