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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hih heels n Short hops

  Early summer days ftw (for the what!??) !?? Ahoy folks folks it would appear that Cobra has gassed up their Weather Dominator and gave us a few days of awesomely unseasonable weather. But alas the warm days have gone back on vacation and the chilly air takes up it's rightful place ... I'm pretty sure I can fit a musical number in there somewhere but that'd mean that I'd have to hire a composer and choreographer ... ung don't wanna think about it!! Anyhoo~ the beta for Akemi is put together and she's come out nicely in some parts better then I expected it's been a while since I've made a normal character  I'd like to say I caught the fever all over again (hello 2001 XD ) I've been playing a good bit of KOF lately which lead me to giving her some key gameplay features. A small breakdown of what's done to date;
1. Short Hop "hop"
2. Hyper Hop "hh"
3 ~6 are character orientated mechanics.
Akemi's pent up anger causes her to hit  harder then normal sometimes. She can randomly score critical hits on certain moves causing more damage, under certain conditions her critical damage can go far beyond its normal value.
What's left ...
intro poses, win poses, special moves (50%) super moves (75%) monster compatibility 50%) working on some videos  so see ya there.
P.S. Here's a vid of the current progress. Cheers~*

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