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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Power Tools

 Forward progress on Akemi continues. So far now I've added command moves. Vids to added later in the week enjoy for now.
  Command move #1 (→ SK) a stepping kick that staggers opponents (can combo after standing SK)

 Command move #2 (→ Sp then Sp) A two part overhead attack that'll knock an opponent off their feet.

 Special move #1 "Seismic Stomp" (↓↘→ Wk or Sk *can hold for delay) Akemi's not afraid to put her foot down, when she does it's best not to be in the vicinity. Opponents unfortunate enough to get caught are knocked off balance on to their keister. 
 That's a wrap for now more to come soon, take care for now everyone.

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