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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Super DaiBouken

 "Nekokin, Nekokin, up on a moun~tain. Standing proud, screaming loud, just for no Rea~son. Did you just lose your mind, or just pass~ing the time? Nekokin, Nekokin, up on a moun~tain!"

Nyo~ho everyone how goes it!? Been busy as of late so I figured I'd share in the adventure =n.n=


 New move for Akemi added, as hard ad I tried to stay away from my grappler roots the pull was too great. So now Akemi's sportin a grab of her own.
Mountain Planter: →↘↓↙←  x or y (ex available) Akemi leaps for her opponent, once contact is made they're taken for a joyride accompanied by a brief lesson in gravity ... "what goes up ... must come down."
Rolling Thunder: tap "a" if dive misses. Not all fights are guaranteed to be clean ones sometimes I'm sure there's no ref here that's gonna flag you for clipping the opposition.

A new vid for Akemi which features the new move and a hidden powerup move.
Aggressor: An enhancing move that makes the next special attack counter hit. Might change the way this is done, but it kinda takes me back to the buffs you'd get from taunting in 3rd strike (my tribute to a classic).
Specials are almost all done  and next up ...

... I'll be working in all the monster compatibility sprites so stay tuned.


 Sometimes the attitude's all in da walk,

 The next group of characters I have waiting in the wings are well on their way to being taken to the next phase of creation more on them soon.

And next ...
 ... a little sneak peak of Akemi's next update. Take car for now.


  1. What is this...

  2. I can't wait for this character to be out!

    Are you going to do more work on the mob at all?


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