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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fighting's Mega Mix

Akemi's Sexy KO animation  (top: Plain white edition) (bottom: Spicy Vanilla creme edition)
 Ahooooy!! How's it goin everyone I'm back wit ha new look and layout, finally gettin all me eggs in one basket so they don't end up gettin scrambled ... mmmm scrambled eeeegs (drool) ... er ... anyhoo =n.n= gots plenty o character news today so sit tight.
 (above) As Akemi gets set to "bear it all" I've gotten the next round of characters set and here they are in order of completion.

Murakami mob v 2.3
 The boys n gurlz'll be back in town soon enough. The next installment will have the small but needed feature of better control. Gone are most of the difficult motions, in are more traditional fighting game motions like the standard quarter circle forward, the famed half circle and that butter churnin 360. Complete: 75%

Characters Round 1

Les Enfants Spencer
 If one bad apple spoils the bunch ... what would 3 do?
Complete: 75%

Purehearted and Hotblooded
  "Challenge that which lies beyond my fist!"
Complete: 50%

The Thunder Cometh

 The power of ten exploding Volcanoes

Characters Round 2

 Ululations from Beyond

Complete: 15%

Honest eyes

Complete: 10%

"Wanna play??"

Complete: 15%

"You will address me as High Summoner ... not hey boy!"

Complete: 10%
                                 Take care for nows and see ya next time.


  1. All of those are going to be individual characters?! Holy Crap! This is awesome! You rock cat man.

  2. Wow, you've got a lot on your plate. Good luck with all of those projects!


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