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Monday, June 4, 2012

A leaf on the wind

 First vid of Alraune sportin some basic moves as well as a few specials and supers. More on Akemi soon for now take care everyone.


  1. Wow, pretty nice. Is she from Disgaea? Her sprites are somewhat familiar to me.
    Hehehe, so many possibilities for rape moves with those vines >:D

    I have a question that's not related to this character, I hope it's ok to post it here:

    Before today, I had never let other characters attempt sex moves on Murakami Mob. I was just using your Mob to fuck the hell out of the other characters, and never considered doing the opposite. Today Kuromaru got me cornered and defeated the Mob with the absorb finisher, and I realized the character being fucked is Matsumoto, from Bleach!

    After that, I decided to test other sex moves on Murakami, and while at it I found Tsunade from Naruto and many others from other animes. And that's great!

    My question is... I know you're busy right now with Akemi, Alraune and all your other characters (that are awesome, by the way), but have you ever considered making full versions of those characters I mentioned? Women like Tsunade, Matsumoto, Jesse (from Pokemon)and the others that are mixed with the Mob, or even new ones like Mizukage or Harribel. The only existent mugen versions of these characters don't really mix well with Sex Mugen, because they were ripped from the Nintendo DS games and thus have low quality when compared to the other characters we have. It would be great to see them on Mugen hentai games.

    Your work is genius, congratulations!

    1. Thanks, =n.n= Well as far as full characters go there are one or 2 that are going to be made from cameos that appear in the mob. As to who they'll be I'm not too sure just be prepared for trouble =n.n= I have seen some new animations for rape moves so that'll give me a chance to pick out some new candidates ... Mizukage ... yes. It might not make it into the 2.3 update (coming up) just keep an eye out tho =n.n=

    2. Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to the 2.3 update and the other things you have in store.


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