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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chocolate sugar shock!!

 Nyoooo!! Howdy everyone how's it goins!? it's been a while since we last spoke and wit good reason =n.n=
Akemi's nearing completion (Ai coding and her last super as well as 3 more minotaur anims) ((Well 4 more if you count the new one which I have yet to do)) (((might have to be for another update tho))).  I've posted a sneak peek of Akemi in all of her glory against the various ne'er do wells of H Mugen.

 Akemii's also sporting a new move that teaches her opponents: Looking's good but touching comes with a heavy price.
 Accompanying Akemi will be Murakami mob v2.3 which will sport Akemi compatibility where needed  as well as a new control scheme  (It's about time). Well cats n kittens take care for now and I'll see ya next update.


  1. Can't wait. Mugen definitely needs some delicious brown loving and fighting.

  2. Nice art as always, definitely looking forward to release.

  3. Hey, can any1 tell me exactly where that kuro and mino is from? ive see plenty but where the the most up to date ones are?

    I would appreciate it. Good Job BTW! Can;t wait! >:)

  4. Hope you release soon :) The thought of taking Akemi on with Mino makes me drool :)

  5. AAHHHHH!!! I can't take anymore! Noodles! Where are you?! D:


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