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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

She brought the mountain with her O_o

 Nyo~YO!! a hearty howdy to everyone out there how've ya been!?
Good I hopes cause I myself couldn't be better. Got some good news n some bad news ... good news is is that She'll be comin 'round the mountian when she comes. Bad news is ... when she gets 'round that mountain she'll be lookin for a fight! O_o;; Akemi's almost set to maker her big debut and might I say it's about time. I's been a while since I released an actual player character so needless to say I'm kind of excited. All that's left is last minute overlooking (Ai tweaks, glitches etc.) and then to make the separate files (H-version and regular) So I'm lookin  at ... (looks at watch) ... sometime tomorrow or Fridayish O_o
 So here's what we have so fars  ...
"hm? It happened again. Where am I at now?"

"I suppose you wanna fight, but that grin suggest otherwise."
"I don't have time for this. Outta my WAY!!"
 Wrecking ball Akemi:  Once Akemi gets moving it's hard to stop her, those who try to often end up a greasy smudge on her fist.

Speed + Force x Rage = DESTRUCTIVE POWER!!
 Wrecking ball Akemi EX: The closest one can get to being hit by a train without hoping on the tracks.

"Time to take your Last Ride!"

 Mountain Planter: Akemi's Signature move from her short lived  wrestling days. Best look out or she'll bomb you out of your boots.

 Mountain Planter EX: Akemi's guaranteed leave her mork on the world ... even if it's done with the body of her opponent.

   Granite Crusher: Giving opponents an incentive to stay down since 1985.

 Jaw Breaker: To touch or NOT to touch, sometimes you have to ask yourself ... "Were the multiple fractures and concussion worth it?" .... "YEEEEaaaa!"

"Not gonna lie to ya ... This is REALLY gonna hurt!"
 Full Throttle: Akemi goes all out in a flurry looking to flatten her opponent.

 Earth Breaker Akemi: When Akemi puts her foot down, she puts her foot down, woe is to poor soul that's around when she does.

 Murakami Mob v 2.3 This side by side Release features reworked controls and a new custom animation, as the song states "The boys are back in town."
Well .. cant win em all n_n
 A new custom animation for the move Oni Hug Crescendo to appear in release 2.3 The values for this custom animation will be packed with the mob compatibility file.
 Well that's it for now Take cares and see ya'll in a couple hrs/day whathave you =n.n=


  1. Awesome, sooo stoked noodles! Bring her out! I think I can handle her big "guns".


  2. Hey Noodles!

    Good to hear your well^^
    And she looks amazing done!=)
    Keep up the good work =)

    Oh, yes btw, just wonder as well is the move SSF Kabukicho Nights been done or been cancelled/wait for later?

    Or have i missed somthing? =(

    Take your time if it's for later don't hurry just wonder^^
    Take care^^

  3. It's annoying that one idiot screwed it up for the rest of us, I was looking forward to the animation additions and bug fixes :/ I'm hoping that won't happen in the future.


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