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Monday, October 1, 2012

Advancing March

 Ahoy everyone How goes it!? Got a new vid up and screen caps of my next character n.n

 Les enfant Spencer has been put into play and the first "born" Nagi is getting himself ready for action.

I wanna do bad BAD things to you.

Shocking eh?

A mischievous imp from the nothhlands of Xarcabard

Body slams and body paint.
Walking animation

Satisfying my carving to make a pure grapple character I decided to give Shion a life of her own outside of the mob, "It's party time!!"

Walking animation
 The Great Kahekili is coming along well next to all of his animations are done next step will be fleshing out the frames and inking..

 Lots to do I'll keep ya'll posted as things fall into place, take care for now =n.n=

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  1. YAY! First comment!
    I look forward to a new raper to play with. Any details on move sets you care to share? Rape moves, specifically.


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